Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Letita James' lawsuit against the Trump organization

Well huh, that lawsuit recently filed against the Trump organization by New York attorney general Letitia James is actually a civil lawsuit, not a criminal one. That means no actual law was broken and no crime was committed, and instead she's suing the Trump organization for damages for inflating the value of their properties to get loans from banks. So who is the victim of these damages, is it the banks who gave loans to the Trump organization and have since been fully paid back with interest? So if everyone got paid back and made money, what are the damages exactly? Did these banks really give him loans based on valuations given to them by the borrower, because banks don't do that? If the banks lost money due to financial misrepresentation, wouldn't they have gone after the Trump organization themselves with their own lawsuit? And why is Letitia James filing this lawsuit just weeks before her own election, and does it have anything to do with her election promise to "get Trump". Is she trying to divert voters minds away from her bad record on crime in NYC? It all sounds oddly suspicious, like it's some kind of... witch hunt.

It'll get thrown out of court, but it's been specifically timed so it'll get thrown out of court AFTER the mid-term election.

And gee, I wonder what will become of the classified documents Mar-a-Lago raid scandal? Mind garbage.

-Dave Badperson

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