Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Destroy California!

As gasoline approaches $7 a gallon here in Calfornia, our Governor Newsom, aka The Prince of Darkness, is complaining that oil companies are ripping us off, and wants to instate a windfall tax on them for all the profits they're making. This is what happens when you enact decades of policies and regulations to destroy California's oil industry, and the people of California actually votes for more of it. Now the Prince of Darkness wants to add a tax to increase the price
of gas even further. Brilliant thinking! This is the same Prince of Darkness that let Elon Musk walk away with a trillion dollars of investor money to build out an electric car industry. The same Prince of Darkness that wants all new cars to be electric by 2035 (so we can stop forest fires... that are often caused by electric power lines). Never mind that we have the most expensive electricity in the nation but rolling blackouts during peak demand. Vote for the genius of this tyrant in November, because oil is evil, profits are evil, corporations are evil, and wealth and prosperity are evil. Vote to Destroy California!

-Dave Badperson

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