Thursday, October 20, 2022

Vote Democrat for California

So here I am checking out my California mid-term election ballot and I think it makes sense to vote Democrat up and down the line.

California should be a place for haves and have-nots, a place where the gap between rich and poor is widening. The best way to make this state unaffordable for ordinary people is to increase the cost of housing and energy. We need more land use restrictions, urban growth boundaries, and regulations that drive up the cost of construction. We need to stop the production of California's plentiful oil and gas, have tighter environmental regulations, switch to weak and unreliable renewable energy, and force people to buy expensive electric cars. Only the Democrats are the party that can do all these things.

Then we need to work on making water, farming, food, and everything else unaffordable. Then we need to destroy our industries and ship them to China so there are no jobs here for smelly working class people. Only in this way can we hope to squeeze out the poor pieces of crap and force them to move to another state, so that only wealthy people like me and my wealthy friends can afford to live here. 

California has had a democratic super majority for decades and look how much progress we've made towards making this one of the least affordable states in the country. A vote for the Democrats is a vote to crush the peons and make sure they don't have a future here, so that this can become a state for only the wealthiest and most successful people.

-Dave BadPerson

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