Thursday, October 20, 2022

President Biden the energy dickhead

Biden says increases in gas prices are due to the Ukraine war, but any decreases in prices are due to his policies. He's releasing more oil from the strategic petroleum reserve before the mid-term elections, he says "It's not politically motivated at all", but to act as a "bridge" until domestic production can be increased.

What a fucking dickhead!

He's enacted policies to decrease domestic oil production from day one of his presidency, then investigated oil companies for price gouging, then released oil from the strategic petroleum reserve as a bandaid for his fucked policies, then asked OPEC to increase production to bring the price of oil down (and OPEC ignored him and is cutting production). Just two years ago we had energy independence and dominance, and this dickhead with jizz spurting out his mouth is still talking about oil company's price gouging as if it's their fault. The ultimate all-encompassing mega-dickhead. No wonder there's a red wave coming on election day. Let's hope this is just a one-term dickhead.

-Dave BadPerson

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