Sunday, July 7, 2024

Everyday lately in the San Diego newspaper they mention the price of something is going up: electricity, water, natural gas, gasoline, home prices, rent, home insurance, auto insurance. Then of course there are more government services needed for people who add nothing to the economy, and more environmental laws to add regulatory and compliance burdens to the cost of everything. The state currently also has a budget deficit. Then with the continuing net loss of people and businesses from California, they'll need to raise taxes to make up for the shortfall. Everything about California's state government is about stifling growth and prosperity. They don't want more people, more houses, more cars, more roads, more buildings, more energy, more industries, more jobs, more wealth, they want California to stop where it is right now, all in the name of uber-progressive policies and environmental extremism. If you're struggling to afford San Diego now, then be aware that it's going to get a lot worse. Go ahead, vote for more of it in November, then complain about the consequences like a typical Californian, "Eww the price of gas, Eww the homeless, Eww the price of rent, Eww blah blah blah". 

-Dave Badperson

Saturday, July 6, 2024

The braindead journalists are at it again

The media keeps pushing the narrative that Joe had a dismal performance in his debate with orange man. I didn't think it was that bad. What did you expect, you got the doddering old 50-year-career politician you voted for? Just remember, this is a media that likes you to think they absolutely hate the orange man, but no, the fact is that orange man sells news, and the media knows it. He's a cash cow and they want to milk him for every penny. From the daily damage report during his presidency, to the ongoing saga of his various legal battles, people want to read about him because he's everybody's favorite reality TV villain/hero. Most people don't care about policies, they're too self-absorbed for that. They only care about personality, appearance, and party preference. So face it, the media is going to keep pushing the doddering Joe narrative over the next four months, and you're going to get orange man for president in November. Don't be surprised when I say "Told you so!" 

- Dave Badperson