Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Flex alert in California

Flex Alert declared in California. Remember to limit your electricity use from 4-9pm when you need it most. This includes not charging your electric vehicles. Never mind that just last week we banned all sales of new gasoline powered cars after 2035. Welcome to the future of energy and electric transportation! If we don't save electricity there will be planned rotating blackouts because we don't have enough generating capacity to meet peak demand. And yet we're going to add 30-50% more load to the grid by electrifying our transportation. Isn't that clever? Enjoy paying 50% more for electricity than the rest of the nation. Well at least for that extra cost you get to feel morally superior because you're saving the planet with renewable energy. It's just an unfortunate inconvenience that solar doesn't generate anything once the sun goes down. Just wait until you put a battery on your home solar system, we'll commandeer that to power the grid as well, and charge you for the privilege.
California, bringing you the problems of the future, today! 😂

-Dave Badperson

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