Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Attorney General Barr and people's short memories

The morning Trollpants, with host Dave Trollpants.

Funny how Attorney General Barr is facing departmental rebellion and a media hailstorm for "weaponizing the Department of Justice against the political opponents of the big bad orange man".

Where were these critics during operation "Crossfire Hurricane", the Clinton-campaign funded Steele dossier's unsupported allegations, the fraudulent FISA warrants, the Mueller Probe, the use of an ancient and never-before-enforced law to interrogate Flynn, the highly publicized leaks from the FBI, the corrupt and leaky FBI that Comey and McCabe ran?

And now McCabe is indignant about being dragged through the mud, and criticizes the length and cost of the investigation into his lying under oath.

Yet now Barr seeks to shine a light on how all these investigations started and it's suddenly an absolute outrage.

People have very short memories.

-Dave Trollpants

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