Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Bernie blackout exposed

Once again the Democrats are suppressing Bernie Sanders. They're aligning with corporate media outlets to portray Sanders as an unelectable outlier, despite clear polling evidence to the contrary. Progressives are being ignored. Left-leaning media including CNN, MSNBC, and even news for snobby know-it-all dickheads such as The New York Times and Washington Post are deliberately altering headlines and graphics to remove Bernie or make him appear lower in the polls than he really is.
"Mmmyeh but my precious media would never try to mislead me". If you think that then you're most definitely wrong.

Last time Bernie was suppressed the result was the big bad orange man. Let's not make this same mistake again.

Read the article exposing media bias against Bernie here:

NBC/WSJ poll of democratic voters Jan 26-29, margin of error 4.74%

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