Monday, January 20, 2020

Full sleeve tattoos are now the mark of fake dirtbags

Full sleeve tattoos on Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran? A pair of homos who sing teen heartthrob crap, with full sleeve tattoos along the whole length of their arms? Seriously?

I'm pretty open-minded and I've tried to listen to Bieber and Sheeran but their music is not my thing, it's teeny-bopper crap.  Maybe if they were like James Hetfield from Metallica with his full sleeve tattoos I'd say OK, he's a badass, or at least his music is.  But these two child-pop clowns?

It used to be that tattoos were only for the most crazy and bad ass people, and full sleeves were only for the most absolutely crazy and bad ass people like prison trash and psychopathic outlaw bikers. Now full sleeves is just a way to show you're a fake pretend dirtbag douchenozzle conformist sheep who's confused about his image and is desperately experimenting with styling like a fashionista. 

My neighbor has a PhD in biochemistry and has full sleeves, what a fucking idiot. And of course like any biochemist he has the personality of a doorknob. My high octane piss would burn him to death.

And Bieber with the dropped pants revealing Calvin Klein underwear?  What a pathetic wanker!

I guess when these people grow up, if they ever do, they're just going to look like idiots who thought they were cool back when they were young douchebags and just wanted to impress the chicks by pretending to look badass and cool while singing their girlie faggy crap songs.

Stupid fucking wankers.  I can't wait until their careers are over and they're relegated to the dustbin of history, and then they'll look in the mirror and see how stupid they look.

-Dave Bad Person

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