Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Neo-Marxist Ideas About the Wealthy

This kind of thinking is based on various false ideas.
The first false idea is that because some people are very wealthy, others must therefore be poor. It's as if there's only one pie to be had and if someone gets a bigger slice of it, then everyone else gets a smaller slice. It doesn't work like that.
Also consider that you've helped to create those wealthy people by buying the products and services they created because you want or need them. Entrepreneurs get wealthy because they're more creative, more motivated, harder working, more business savvy, and luckier then other people. They create products and services that are new, or better than what's already available, and customers like those products and services, so they're willing to pay for them. There is plenty of opportunity in the world for you to get wealthy, but you're not creative, motivated, hard working, business savvy, or lucky enough.
Another false idea is that the wealthy are somehow leeches on society, sucking off the poor working schmucks to get rich. In the US the wealthiest 1% pay 42% of all federal income taxes, the wealthiest 10% pay 73%, and the wealthiest 50% pay 97.7% of all federal income taxes. So it's actually the poor schmucks who are the leeches on society. Who said they should get a free ride through life if they can't compete in the world?
And whoever said the person on foods stamps was a problem, other than being a leech on society.
And then of course there's the neo-Marxist idea that rich people are simply evil, which is mostly based on jealousy and envy rather than any rational thought process. And from the same people who dream of being rich some day. In reality, the wealthy are great philanthropists, donating enormous sums to great causes, for example the Rady Shell at Jacobs Park in San Diego, built mostly by donations from ultra wealthy people, just so ordinary people can enjoy themselves. The wealthy don't have any obligation to share their wealth with anyone, yet they do. 
So just be happy with what you are, a schmuck, a nobody, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, you just don't matter much in the world and will never be important or wealthy. Get over it. 😊

And speaking of parasites on society, this message was brought to you by the Grace Methodist Church, pushing the false narrative of an afterlife for power and money.

-Dave Badperson

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