Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Academic Wanker Scum

Some scientists in Brazil decided to speak out against anyone who professes to speak for science with regard to the coronavirus pandemic. And how did they do this? By speaking for science!

As you can see at the end of the article, each scientist's worth is measured by how many citations they have, not by what contribution they've made to society, which in my experience is little-to-nothing for most of them. This letter is actually a perfect example of how academia has become a self-referential system where researchers chase citations and kudos from fellow researchers, rather than trying to solve real world problems. And don't you dare "dishonestly usurp science's prestige", because these children of the wealthy, these glorified hobbyists, these unqualified educators, they want to keep science for themselves, to be conducted only at universities, only by people with PhDs, to be hidden away in obscure academic journals that hardly anyone reads.

The letter even goes further to say that "no one can speak for science". Yet here they are speaking for science because they think they own it. Science belongs to everyone, not just university assholes who want to keep the monopoly on science for their own benefit and hide it away from the public. These people have the delusional notion that they're "changing the world" with their irrelevant publications. And what did they change with this letter? Nothing. It was merely a matter of "publish or perish". They simply have to say something because that's what they do, they talk a lot and change nothing. Academic wanker scum. 

- Dave Bad Person

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