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Canyon Guadalupe and La Vibora trip, 9 to 11 November, 2019

Over the Veterans Day long weekend a group of us headed down to Canyon Guadalupe hot springs for Melinda's birthday.  The drive down was fairly uneventful but invovles crossing 35 miles of the Laguna Salada dry lake bed east of Mexicali. I drove off the track briefly near the start and nearly got my vehicle stuck in the mud. Eventually we made it to Canyon Guadalupe. When we got there, there were three buses of local toursits arriving and one broke down on a narrow steep section of the trail into Guadalupe Canyon. So we had to wait half an hour or so while they got it going again.

Once we got set up we had a great camp at the El Azteca pools. There were three tubs, each a different temperature, and you could adjust the temperature by adjusting the inlet from the hot water source.

On Sunday we hiked up the canyon.  It was a hike, and you can see the photos in the Flickr link and slideshow below

Flickr link:

Canyon Guadalupe and La Vibora

On Monday we packed up and Headed out to a place called La Vibora Canyon, which is known for having Kumeyaay petroglyphs.  There were many there and it's one of the best Kumeyaay pictograph sites I've seen, other than the ones at Vallecito near La Rumorosa.

Here is one particularly good panel from the site.  You can see more photos of the pictographs in the Flickr album above.

La Vibora was a little difficult for us to find because the "roads" to it hadn't been used in a while and there were no tire tracks, meaning we were the first ones out there for this season..  Fortunately I had used Google Earth to mark waypoints along the tracks I could see in the imagery, that would lead us to La Vibora and these were extremely helpful.  I also used GPS watpoints from the following couple of websites

You can download my GPX file here:

After La Vibora we headed home.

Here's a video that summarizes the trip.

One interesting thing is that the nearby Cucapa mountains were the epicenter of the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that occured on  Easter Sunday 2010.  Apparently a fumarole opened up in the Cucapa moutnains after that earthquake. You can find out more info about it here.  I also added some waypoints to get tot he fumarole in the GPX file above.

Here is a video of the Cucapa Moutains just moments after the 2010 Easter quake.

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