Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Climate Emergency Nonsense

We're in an interglacial period within an ice age. Permanent ice caps at the poles is not a normal part of Earth's climate. The sea level has risen almost 400 feet since the last ice age ended 11,500 years ago. Global temperature has risen a few degrees celsius during that time. The idea that human civilization arose during a period of unusually stable climate is complete nonsense that's not supported by any science. In Roman times citrus and grapes were grown in Britain. There was also the medieval warm period. During the last interglacial period 125,000 years ago, sea level was 120 feet higher than today. Hence why we hear "This is the hottest climate in 120,000 years". People will just have to get out of the way as sea level rises, they won't have any other choice. The global climate is so cold right now that most of the biodiversity is confined to only the warmest parts of the world, the coral reefs and rainforests of the tropics. As temperatures warm this biodiversity will be able to inhabit more parts of the world. Hundreds of millions of years of carbon capture in the form of coal, oil, and limestone has helped usher in this ice age. At one point during the last glacial period, atmospheric CO2 got down to 180ppm. If it gets down to about 150ppm plants can no longer photosynthesize and they die, along with all the life on Earth that depends on them. We need to get atmospheric CO2 back up to 800-1000ppm where it was for most of the last tens of millions of years. Don't believe the hype of climate alarmists, there is nothing in the science of climate change that says it will be the end of the world, the end of civilization, or the end of humanity. Yes the climate is changing, no it's not going to kill us or the planet. Climate alarmists are using fear to grab power, control, and make money. If they have their way we will be living on a frozen lifeless snowball. 

-Dave Badperson

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