Monday, September 25, 2023

Gasoline prices averaging $6 a gallon in California

Gasoline is averaging and even exceeding $6 a gallon here, while in Arizona it's averaging $4.65. Part of that is because Governor Newsom passed Senate Bill X1-2 into law earlier this year. It set up a new bureaucracy called the Division of Petroleum Market Oversight to control gas prices, and it does that by adding more regulatory compliance costs to oil companies, which are then passed on to consumers. The genius of Newsom.
Calfornia should be a place for only wealthy people, and anyone who can't afford to put $20,000 of solar panels and a $10,000 battery on their $1 million home, so they can charge their $80,000 electric car, is just a silly poor piece of crap who doesnt deserve to live here 😂 As long as the 0.7% transgender population can find the right bathroom, that's what really matters to our economy. Newsom for president in 2024. Make America California 🤣

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