Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Religion of Climate Change

On Monday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered their final warning about limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C, the threshold beyond which they say, our damage to the climate will rapidly become "irreversible". To quote one of the IPCC members, "The climate timebomb is ticking". 

Meanwhile, the Cenozoic global reference benthic foraminifer carbon and oxygen isotope dataset (CENOGRID), a decades long scientific effort to produce an astronomically tuned, high-definition stratigraphic reference of global climate evolution for the past 66 million years, has produced this graph.
It appears that a world that's 8°C or even 14°C hotter than the 1961-1990 average, for millions or even tens of millions of years, was perfectly fine for mammals to evolve and become the dominant animal group on Earth. Not only that, but it clearly shows the Earth cooled afterwards and so the warming wasn't "irreversible". 

So if we follow the science, which science are we following, this science or that science?

Clearly climate change has now become a religion. Actually, it's more like a Doomsday cult:  "The end is near. You will perish in flame if you don't obey my climate demands!". Climate change will have both positive and negative effects, however every scientific and news article about climate change usually focusses on the negative aspects of it. Why are the positives never mentioned? Why don't we see articles with headlines like, "People in cold areas now have lower heating bills thanks to climate change" or "Crop yields greatly increased by elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide" or "New shipping routes opening in the Arctic Sea due to climate change". No, you will never hear the positives because fear is the motivator. You can also tell climate change has become a religion because anyone who shows even the slightest skepticism for it's claims is punished or ignored, even if they use scientific data to make their point. "Follow the science", unless that science disagrees with my dogmatic beliefs. It's now heresy, blasphemy, to speak out against the climate change narrative. For example, I was recently banned from a Facebook group for showing data similar to what I've shown here, that shows climate change is not "the end of the world".

For hundreds of millions of years, carbon capture in the form of coal, oil, and limestone has been reducing atmospheric CO2 to the point where it has contributed to the Earth being in this ice age we're currently in. As you can see from the above graph, we are currently in an interglacial period within an ice age. You can tell we're still in an ice age because there are permanent ice caps at the poles. Most of the Earth's biodiversity is now restricted to only the hottest parts of the world:  the coral reefs and rainforest of the tropics... because everywhere else is too cold. Also, if CO2 gets down to about 150ppm, plants can no longer photosynthesize and they die, along with all the life on Earth that depends on them. It almost got there, 280ppm was the pre-industrial level of CO2. So when we burn fossil fuels we're actually saving the planet. 😊

As a side note, that's why people say their plants grow better if they talk to them, because they're breathing 40,000ppm of carbon dioxide onto them. That's 4% CO2, about 1000 times the current atmospheric concentration. Plants can handle a lot of CO2, but they can't survive if it gets too low.

Sea level has risen 120 meters, almost 400 feet, since the last ice age ended 11,500 years ago. Sea level was 35 meters, about 120 feet higher than today during the last interglacial period 125,000 years ago. Sea level is a dynamic thing, not some static property that never changes. Yes it's going to suck if you live in Bangladesh or Florida or some low-lying islands in the ocean, those places will be submerged.  All the coastal cities and islands of the world will simply have to move. They won't have a choice. However it's won't be an "irreversible time bomb" and we are not going to die as the climate alarmists claim. Even here where I live here in California, just a few years ago people were talking about the years long drought, the wildfires, and the grim future of the state.  Now we have record rainfall, snow, and flooding. No wait, all this flooding is also caused by climate change! Every adverse weather event is climate change!  

As you can see climate change is now a religion, children are indoctrinated with it from birth and grow up with climate anxiety. Anyone who critiques the narrative, even by using scientific data, is deemed a heretic and blasphemer, to be punished or ignored, or is summarily labelled a "climate denier", even if they're just skeptical.  Sometimes I feel like Galileo being charged with heresy for saying the Earth goes around the sun.

-Dave Badperson

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