Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Follow the Science of Climate Change


Just a few years ago...

Annotated from J.F.W. Rao et al 2021

How about this California mega-drought? Yes, compared to the last glacial period that ended 11,500 years ago, we're in a drought. Follow the science.

And how about all these devastating forest fires caused by climate change? Never mind the forestry experts who say they're caused by fuel build-up from a century of aggressive fire suppression (thanks Smoky Bear), no, you need to follow the science.

Never mind that for most of the last 66 million years atmospheric carbon dioxide has been 400-2000ppm. Never mind that for the last 2.4 million years we've been in an ice age and this is just one of the interglacial periods. Never mind that permanent ice caps at the poles is not a normal part of Earths climate. Never mind that sea level has risen almost 400 feet since the last ice age. Never mind that sea level was 120 feet higher during the last interglacial period. Nope, the world is heading for climate armageddon. Follow the science. The Sierra Nevada snow pack is almost gone, which is where we get a lot of our water. Follow the science. 

We need all new cars to be electric by 2035 and get rid of gas appliances in our homes, otherwise we'll all go up in flames. Follow the science. We don't need more water storage to mitigate the effects of our highly variable rainfall, no, we need to follow the science. The science is published in obscure journals with tiny readerships, and is behind a pay wall so only university knob-heads can see it, so they can unionize and monopolize the science for themselves. So why aren't you following the science? I guess you're just another stupid climate denier. We should be indoctrinating our children with the religion of climate anxiety from birth, otherwise we're not following the science. 😁

"There you go with that logic stuff again"

"You just don't understand the "the facts""

"I AM science"

"It's really just another Doomsday cult. "The end is near!""

"Mother Earth cult... new religion...

"Anyone who even questions the climate narrative is a blasphemer and must be punished or ignored"

-Dave Badperson

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