Wednesday, January 15, 2020


A particularly large specimen of Pleiospilos bolusii grown by me

Pleiospilos are the giants of the mimicry succulents. They readily germinate from seed, and many species are winter growers that are perfectly suited to growing outdoors, exposed to the sun and rain of Southern California all year round. They are resistant to pests, fairly tolerant of over watering, and some can grow quite large if well watered. They produce yellow or pink coconut-scented flowers that can be hand-pollinated to produce a bounty of seeds. If left alone, the seeds will often sow themselves. P. nelii seems to only live a few years for me, probably because they're not winter growers and get too much rain at the wrong time of year when grown outdoors here.
Seen here are P. bolusii (?), P. simulans, P. nelii, and recently germinated seeds of P. compactus.

Pleiospilos simulans in my collection

Pleiospilos nelii, my own collection

Pleiospilos compactus with seed capsule and spontaneously germinated seedlings

Recently germinated seeds of Pleiospilos compactus


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