Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Ridiculous conspiracy theories are now a national security threat

Many of the world's leaders are lizard people!
We've now had the internet for about 25 years, and access to more information than ever before in history, and the sad and idiotic thing about that is that ridiculous conspiracy theories have now become a national security threat. Check out this FBI intelligence bulletin on the subject.
FBI Conspiracy Theory Redacted by Kelli R. Grant on Scribd
Rather than provide a greater degree of rationality to humanity, all the internet has done is amplify the talk of all these conspiracy weirdos. Our own president is even a conspiracy weirdo, he believed Obama wasn't born a US citizen, and has made no statement or apology since Obama released his birth certificate. Even the infamous asshole Arizona sherrif, Joe Arpaio, went so far as to say the birth certificate Obama released was a forgery. A forgery! Fuck off you stupid old cunt! Arpaio just knows he can't come out and speak about how he hated that we had a black president because he knows he'd be called out on his racist bullshit. No, instead he has to claim it must be impossible that we had a black president due to some fucked up idea he has in his head. What a stupid old fuckwit!
All these ridiculous conspiracy theories tell you a lot about human nature... that the human race, on average, is as dumb as a box of shit. Where is the evidence for all this crazy bullshit? I guess we can just make any shit up and people will believe it, they're that fucking stupid. What does evidence have to do with anything?
Look at religion, something like 95% of people on Earth believe there's an afterlife in which they'll receive some sort of divine judgement from a higher power, even though there's not a scrap of evidence for any of it.
We recently had people beating at the gates of Area 51 demanding to see the aliens (Storm Area 51), people who believe the moon landings were faked, that 9/11 was an inside job, the list is endless. You have to wonder how some people manage to keep breathing on their own, because they clearly don't have the neural capacity to do something as complex as breathing. Where is the evidence for all these delusional beleifs?
Oddly enough however, we don't have people beating at the door of the NSA demanding an end to the mass surveillance that Edward Snowden revealed in 2013. Nor do we have people beating at the door of the Pentagon demanding justice for the completely fabricated story of the Gulf of Tonkin incident that was used as justification to escalate the Vietnam war. No, people don't care about real proven conspiracies, they want stupid ridiculous ones with no evidence.
Pizzagate is one of the most recent conspiracy theories doing the rounds on the internet. Apparently there are some whackos out there who believe the upper echelons of the world's elite are involved in an international pedophile and sex trafficking ring. The word "Pizzagate" comes from the idea that part of the pedophile network was being run out of the basement of Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington DC, and that this pizza joint used code words like those shown in the picture below for people order from their "menu". The belief in "code words" is classical paranoid thought processes straight out of a psychology text book. But of course the internet has amplified this stupid theory and there was even a man who drove from North Carolina and held up the Comet Ping Pong Pizza with a gun, fired a shot, and demanded that the children in the basement be released. The sad and stupid thing is that Comet Ping Pong Pizza doesn't even have a basement. And what about those ping tables they have in the back, surely that has something to do with conspiracy? Apparently not.
The theory implicates the big movers and shakers of the world, from the Clintons to the British Royal Family, and everyone in between. Certainly there are plenty of examples in recent years of high profile members of society being involved in pedophilia and even in small scale pedophile rings. However there's no evidence I've seen so far that they were part of some larger and more pervasive network of sex traffickers.
The most recent case was Jeffrey Epstein, who was technically was a hebephile because he liked underage girls rather than children. Epstein was arrested and charged some years ago for sex related crimes but was given a lenient sentence because he was wealthy and connected. Then he was arrested again in July 2019 on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking.  Epstein died in jail before going to trial and the New York Medical Examiner's Office ruled the death a suicide by hanging. But does that explanation satisfy the fucking stupid kooks who believe these fucking stupid evidence-free conspiracy theories? Hell no!!  Hillary Clinton must have done it, she must have strangled him with her own bare hands to cover up what Epstein knew about the elite pedophile ring.
Why does it tend to be right wing people tend to believe in these conspiracy theories, and that the people who are doing the conspiring are leftist politicians and other liberal and democratic figures?  I don't have an answer for that one. Maybe right leaning people are just more stupid than the average stupid population? 
Anyway, here's an interview with Hillary Clinton where The Daily Show host Trevor Noah asks her how she killed Jeffrey Epstein, all in jest of course.
To conclude for now, I ask the question, "Why has the internet amplified all these ridiculous conspiracy theories?" The answer is actually pretty simple. It's because people have access to so much information now days, and so little ability to critically evaluate it, that they can't determine what's true and what's not, so they tend to go with their biases and beliefs, rather than fact checking and looking at evidence. Even for a person who has been trained in critical thinking, there is so much misinformation being peddled out there on the internet, that it's getting hard for even them to tell what's real and what's not.

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-Dave Bad Person.

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