Monday, November 27, 2023

Most People Are Idiots

The US is now producing 13.2 million barrels of crude oil per day, higher than the 13.0 Mbpd during the last peak of our oil boom during the pre-Covid, orange man era. We're now the world's largest oil producing nation, beating Russia back in 2018. Sleepy Joe also approved drilling in northern Alaska back in March, one of the largest oil developments ever on federal land, and is supported by labor unions, building trades, residents of northern Alaska, and Alaskan natives. But his campaign promise was "No more drilling on federal lands, period", and "I can guarantee you, if I'm president, there will be no offshore drilling" and he promised to make the moratorium on offshore drilling permanent. He promised to put the US on a path to zero emissions by 2050. Yet he just approved three offshore drilling leases two months ago. In fact, two years into his presidency he had approved more permitting for drilling on federal lands than orange man had at the same point. So where are the cry babies of the orange man era? Why isn't the media lambasting Sleepy Joe and whipping the country into mouth-frothing mass hysteria? A lot of people are just stupid, they don't care about policies or their consequences, they only care about the president having the personality, appearance, and party preference they like. A lot of people just vote for some fantasy campaign promises, and never follow what policies are actually enacted later, and don't care about their effects. A lot of people are just like I was when I was younger, an idiot.

- Dave Badperson

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