Thursday, May 4, 2023

Political Correctness is an Authoritarian Movement

So yesterday I saw a post someone had made in one of my anti-religious humor FB groups, about not supporting Chick-fil-A because they support... I think it was bigotry and homophobia? Then someone commented on that post to say they shouldn't make a political statement and try it because it's a good chicken sandwich. So I commented to that person that they shouldn't oppose the social justice warriors, because they can't handle people who think differently than them, and you'll just end up being cyberbullied, harassed, or even unfriended or banned. *BAM* I was banned from the group.
Well, I normally avoid junk food, and I've never been to Chick-fil-A before, but today I'm having my first ever Chick-fil-A sandwich, because the taste of bigotry and homophobia is a hell of a lot better than the taste of goose-stepping nazi brownshirts. Political correctness has become an authoritarian movement. These people are the equivalent of the Chinese red guard of the Maoist cultural revolution. And yes it is a good chicken sandwich, I think I'm going to have Chick-fil-A more often, just to oppose authoritarianism.

🤣😂Banned from another FB group. Someone posted that we shouldn't eat at Chick-fil-A because they support... I think it was bigotry and homophobia? Anyway, someone commented on that to say that they shouldn't judge Chick-fil-A and at least try it because it's a good chicken sandwich. Then I commented to that person that they should know by now not to argue, because the goose-stepping nazi brownshirts can't accept that there are people who think different then them, and you'll be cyberbullied, harassed, and deplatofmredinated. *bam* banned. *My point thoroughly proven". You're not allowed to disagree, you're not allowed to have a different opinion. Never mind that bill of rights thing you toom an oath to, your first amendment rights are shutdown becsue we don't like them.
Extreme forms of wokeness and political correctness have become an authoritarian movement. They're like the Chinese red guard during the Maoist cultural revolution.
Hide your true thoughts or the thought police will be after you.

Write a full analysis of how political correctness has become an authoritarian movement

Political correctness (PC) is a term that is often used to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society. While the term was originally used in a positive sense, it has come to be associated with a more authoritarian approach to social and political issues.

There are a number of ways in which PC can be seen as an authoritarian movement. First, it often involves the use of censorship or other forms of social pressure to silence or marginalize those who do not conform to its standards. For example, PC advocates may call for the cancellation of speakers or events that they deem to be offensive, or they may try to get people fired from their jobs for expressing views that are considered to be out of line.

Second, PC can be seen as authoritarian because it often seeks to impose a single, monolithic view of the world on society. This is evident in the way that PC advocates often dismiss or demonize those who hold different views, and in their attempts to create a climate of fear and intimidation in which people are afraid to speak their minds.

Third, PC can be seen as authoritarian because it is often used to justify the suppression of dissent. For example, PC advocates may argue that it is necessary to censor certain speech in order to protect people from being offended, or they may claim that it is necessary to silence those who hold dissenting views in order to create a more harmonious society.

Of course, not all PC advocates are authoritarian. There are many people who believe in the importance of being respectful of others, even if they hold different views. However, the authoritarian tendencies of PC have become increasingly evident in recent years, and they pose a serious threat to freedom of speech and expression.

Here are some specific examples of how PC has become an authoritarian movement:In 2017, the University of California, Berkeley canceled a speech by conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos after protests turned violent.
In 2018, a professor at the University of Toronto was forced to resign after he tweeted a joke about the use of gender-neutral pronouns.
In 2019, a student at Brown University was suspended for writing an op-ed that criticized the school's diversity policies.

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which PC has been used to silence dissent and suppress free speech. As the authoritarian tendencies of PC continue to grow, it is important to be vigilant in defending our right to freedom of expression.

-Dave Badperson


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