Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Michael Avennati is going to prison

It's been a while, but welcome again to Troll Time, with your favorite host, Dave Trollpants.

Michael Avenatti, remember that guy, Stormy Daniel's lawyer? Two years ago he was a daily face in the news and was considered a human Excalibur that could vanquish Trump once and for all. The liberal media loved his aggressive style, his promises to take down Trump, and his prediction that Trump wouldn't complete his first term. He was lauded as a "beast", "the savior of the republic", and "saving the country". They said Trump was "terrified" of him, that he was "Trump's worst nightmare", that he was a "folk hero", and an "existential threat to the Trump presidency".

Here's a video montage of the media's fawning over Avenatti.

All that ego-stroking even had him considering a run for president himself, which made the liberal media froth at the mouth with excitement. They said if Democrats wanted a fighter they "would be foolish to underestimate Avenatti", and that he "stands out" among other candidates, and many liberal talking-heads showed their support.

Today however Americans look like a bunch of suckers ripped off by a grifter. Yesterday Avenatti was convicted of extortion, wire fraud and transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort. His crimes were so serious and numerous that he was hauled from the courtroom in the middle of a separate embezzlement trial, booked into jail, and refused bail. At his sentencing he faces up to 42 years in prison.

Just as they did for two years with the Mueller Report, just as they do every day, the liberal media played to the mentality of people who consider themselves more knowledgeable and sophisticated than average Americans, and once again those people got suckered and had their asses handed to them. Their ego-vanity complexes won't allow them to believe they're wrong. Walls don't work, tariffs don't work, this doesn't work, that doesn't work, nothing can be made to work, and Trump is an anti-Christ akin to Hitler, because the liberal media told them so.


Of course, the main group of people suckered by Avenatti were the inner city social climbers. Meanwhile, the flyover forgotten Americans, those with no social status because they were deplorables, because they don't obsess over virtue signalling identity politics and coat themselves in white guilt, they saw through him. These are the same people 
who are attacked for their social status and portrayed as ignorant toothless working-class hillbillies that know nothing. Yet once again they turned out to be right.


-Dave Trollpants

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