Sunday, May 21, 2023

Jeremy Katopol - one of the worst people I've ever met

That look of anger sums up the personality of Jeremy Katopol perfectly.

Photo from his LinkedIn profile. Even with a suit and glasses he looks angry.

From his Facebook profile

This is Jeremy Katopol, one of the worst people I've ever met. I had the misfortune of meeting this unpleasant man through a running club, and then through Facebook.

My first encounter with him was when I suggested people donate to a butterfly sanctuary on the Texas-Mexico border that was going to be affected by the building of the border wall. Jeremy, who goes by Jer Katopol on Facebook and LinkedIn, then proceeded to call me a stupid old Boomer who throws his money at the problem. The tone of his writing is such that he appears to be yelling at you. How else am I supposed to help out a Texas butterfly sanctuary when I live in California? Anyway, I donated $100 to the cause and got to write it off as a tax deductible donation to a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. What was JerK's contribution to the cause? Absolutely nothing. As for the Boomer comment, JerK was born around 1985 and therefore he's rapidly approaching 40 years old, over the hill, a tired old of sack of bones with one foot in the grave.

Mind you, JerK is someone who supposedly supports causes. For example, some years ago he ran up and down Cowles mountain here in San Diego for 24 hours, "to raise awareness about veteran suicides". Looks like we have a regular Forrest Gimp on our hands. How does running up and down a hill all day and night help prevent veteran suicides? Why was my contribution to the butterfly sanctuary so worthless but his completely ineffectual effort is so important?? What he actually did was something for himself, to draw attention to himself, to self-aggrandize himself because he makes no significant contribution to society.

As far as supporting causes goes, in reality what he actually does is verbally abuse people who disagree with his opinion. 

You can get some idea of his disagreeable nature from his LinkedIn profile. He hasn't held any job for more than two years, and usually much less than that. He's also not well educated. In my experience it's often the least educated and least contributing members of society that feel the greatest need to be heard, and are the most likely to be pompous entitled douchebags. This is doubly so for JerK.

Among his skills listed are "Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills". You've got to be kidding? I've only had a few interactions with this man and I can already see he has some of the worst interpersonal and written communication skills of anyone I've ever seen, and he can't handle the tiniest disagreement without acting like a psychotic. Molehills quickly become insurpassable mountains with this man.
"Proficient in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook" - wow, such unique and special skills, they'll get you a long way in life.
"Great team player". I don't know how this arrogant and verbally abusive man could possibly be a functioning member of any team, which is probably shown by the fact that he hasn't held any job more than two years.  Also, as you can see from the news article above, his marriage fell apart when he left the military, and I'd guess it's probably because he can't handle disagreement without becoming a screaming madman.

After my initial online encounter with JerK, I saw him at one of my running club meetings. He seemed apologetic and friendly. He also mentioned that he used to be a piece of shit and is medicated now. He obviously suffers from some sort of mental illness that makes him so disagreeable. Then he proceeded to smoke marijuana and get drunk.

Anyway, after that encounter I allowed him to be a Facebook friend, however that quickly turned out to be a mistake, as there were immediately several bouts of his arrogant screaming verbally abusive interactions. He insisted for example that Kyle Rittenhouse was guilty, even though he had been found to have acted in self-defense in a court of law. OK that whole Kyle Rittenhouse episode was a giant string of mistakes from start to finish, no one was doing what they should have been doing, but the law did it's job and justice was done even if imperfectly. But no, JerK insisted the court was wrong even though he hadn't seen the evidence himself, and proceeded to verbally abuse me again and called me a "bootlicker" for supporting the "oppressor", the police, and promptly unfriended me on Facebook.  Well apparently JerK has a separate legal system that exists inside his head, which isn't related to the actual legal system of this country. He also mentioned that if he saw someone with a gun "Imma try to take that gun from you", in which case he'd hopefully get shot just like the guys who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse. Never mind that this man took the Oath of Allegiance and served in the military to protect our nation's values. No, if you disagree with him he's going to stomp all over your first amendment right to free speech by acting like a screaming hysterical lunatic.  I also told him that the US has one of the best justice systems in the world, to which "his royal highness" responded with his unquestionable authority on the world's justice systems that this was not true. Just another idiot that has absolutely no idea what he's talking about but can never be wrong. A testosterone-fueled meathead sports jock with an overinflated ego and a false sense of self-importance. The classic definition of a douchebag.

The ultimate end of our brief acquaintance came when the Ukraine war started. I commented on a Facebook post that the war could perhaps have been avoided with better diplomacy, to which he responded in his usual arrogant screaming writing style that I was wrong. He then of course decided he wanted to pick a fight by saying that he knows a woman in the Ukraine and she's dead now because of the war, and there's nothing I could ever say that would make him forget that.  I mentioned that my father-in-law and mother had just died the week before and I knew how he felt about that death, but I got no condolences and he was only worried about himself and his possibly-imaginary Ukraine friend and the assumption she was already dead just days into the war. He was really just trying to find something to get in a fight about. What a drama queen. OK bud, maybe you're right, but your attitude is terrible and your human interactions with people make them dislike you.  He then proceeded to private message me on Facebook to abuse me further about my brief passing comment that perhaps failed diplomacy led to the Ukraine war. Of course he didn't have any logical arguments or information to enlighten me as to his reasoning, it was just his usual psychotic screaming style.

So this is my first impression of JerK, just a few brief interactions, almost all of which were abusive tirades. In the end I decided he must be mentally ill and informed him that I would never again make the mistake of interacting with him, and I blocked him.

You can tell this man is a drama queen from the pronouns on his Facebook page.  Anyone who needs to let you know their pronouns is guaranteed to be someone who is looking to find social injustice wherever it may be, and to then engage in his typical verbal abuse, bigoted age-ist insults about "stupid old Boomers", attempts to start fights online so he can carry them over to the real world, and so on.

Speaking of Facebook, here is a photo I found there of JerK with a man called Tony Leiras.  Tony is a known habitual conman, and court documents show he has taken advantage of women for money, has evaded paying tens of thousands of dollars in federal taxes, and has stopped making child support payments to his former wife. A man who won't even support his own children! That's the kind of company JerK keeps.

Let's have a look at some more of his LinkedIn profile.  Yes, you guessed it, this social justice warrior has a "Causes" section longer than his education and employment history. From my few brief interactions with JerK, it's clear that he's a petty pathetic little man who uses the guise of social justice to find more people to verbally abuse and start fights with, so he can make himself feel better and more important.  He also hangs around with other social justice warrior types, people who are also poorly educated and contribute the least to society, but nonetheless think they're among the smartest and most important people in society, and whose self-declared moral superiority must be heard loudly and obeyed without question. The same kind of people who advocate for socialism in America, because they blame society and the world around them for their lack of success and low station in life, and socialism would give them more without having to do anything for it.

I have dealt with some difficult people in my life, and I can be difficult myself. Sometimes I even troll people for a little fun, and most people who know me have come to understand my twisted sense of humor.  Then this JerK comes out of nowhere, with no understanding of our history or the existing dynamics of our social group, and decides he's going to play the hero, and burn his bridges down to the waterline before he's even gotten to know people.  I've seen him treat other people with the same attitudes and behavior as he's treated me, so it's not something specific to me. Of all the people I've met in my life, I have never met anyone who grated so severely on my nerves within just a few brief first-time interactions. Never have I felt compelled to write a blog post about an unpleasant person I've met, more than a year after I severed contact doth them. JerK is just that bad. Anyone whose personal interactions with other people are that disaffected would typically be classified as a psychotic patient who requires hospitalization in a mental institute.

If you're reading this JerK, just be aware that you can't sue someone for defamation if what they say about you is true. You're the human equivalent of a pile of feces. Consider this to be the "Consequences" of your angry bitter resentful attitude. I'm glad you're not doing well in life because you don't deserve it. It makes sense that running is your main interest because it requires no intelligence. Run Forrest, run!